Reduce and Recycle 2.0

Reduce and Recycle 2.0


To encourage the public to go green, funded by the Environment and Conservation Fund, the Environmental Campaign Committee (ECC) and the Environmental Protection Department (EPD) has launched the “Reduce and Recycle 2.0” Campaign since June 2020.

The Campaign will promote various themes in phases. The first phase will highlight different types of recyclables and community recycling network. The EPD promotes the green living concept of “Save More, Recycle More” by expanding its recycling network through the addition of outlets in the community and the collection of more recyclable types, including glass bottles, fluorescent lamps and tubes, rechargeable batteries, small electrical appliances, and regulated waste electrical and electronic equipment.

A new character, Greeny, will partner with the Environment and Ecology Bureau's ambassador Big Waster to provide the latest information about waste reduction and recycling to the public.

Stories between Big Waster and Greeny

Eight Recyclables

Save More Recycle More
Roving Exhibition of Prototypes of Newly Designed Roadside Recycling Bins and Litter Containers