Pilot Scheme for Lending of Reusable Meal Containers (ben don go!)

The EPD and ECC launched a "Pilot Scheme for Lending of Reusable Meal Containers" ("ben don go!"), to provide one-stop free reusable meal containers lending services to public. Phase I of "ben don go!" was held from 28 June 2021 to 27 August 2021 at Revenue Tower in Wan Chai and D·PARK in Tsuen Wan. Accumulatively, nearly 4,000 meal containers were lent out during that time.

Phase II of "ben don go!" will be launched in 7 universities, from 5 September 2022 to 18 November 2022, encouraging teachers and students to bring their own meal containers and reduce the use of disposable tableware.

Participating Universities

Date Universities Location
5 - 30.9.2022 City University of Hong Kong University Concourse
19.9 - 7.10.2022 Lingnan University Kin Sun Square (Skylight)
10 - 21.10.2022 The Education University of Hong Kong Canteen
10 - 28.10.2022 Hong Kong Baptist University William M.W. Mong Courtyard → Main Canteen → Li Promenade
24.10 - 4.11-2022 The Hong Kong Polytechnic University VA Student Canteen
31.10 - 18.11-2022 The Chinese University of Hong Kong Benjamin Franklin Centre Student Canteen
2 - 18.11-2022 The University of Hong Kong HKU Centennial Campus

How to Borrow and Return?

Under the Pilot Scheme, participants can borrow reusable meal containers at university service points by free registration with a university identification card, or by paying a deposit of $20 per container with an Octopus card. Once finished, participants can return the emptied meal containers directly to the service point without washing them, and collect the deposit by Octopus card.

Meal containers will be washed and sterilised every day by university' caterers or a professional tableware washing company appointed by the ECC.


Borrow a meal container to get 1 e-stamp. Collect 3 e-stamps, like and follow ECC's social media platform to redeem a stylish meal container knot bag.

Participant who collects the most number of e-stamps in each university will be rewarded with a $100 gift coupon of a package-free eco shop!