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Combating Climate Change Campaign

To encourage the public to work together to alleviate the problems of climate change, further disseminate the concept of “Low Carbon Living” and encourage public participation in protecting our environment, the Environmental Campaign Committee (ECC) implements a large-scale, holistic and far-reaching public engagement campaign, namely the Combating Climate Change Campaign, in 2010 and 2011, with the funding support from Environment and Conservation Fund.  Under this Campaign, the ECC organizes a series of programmes in collaboration with different government departments, green groups and business conglomerates.  Major programmes include:

Global Warming and Climate Variation Seminar Series
The Low Carbon Living @ Hong Kong Book Series
School Talks cum Roving Exhibitions on Climate Change Alarm
Climate Change Teacher Professional Development Programme
World Environment Day 2010 & 2011
Related Programmes
C40 Hong Kong Workshop
Get It Green

Global Warming and Climate Variation Seminar Series

The ECC, the Polar Museum Foundation, the Environmental Protection Department, the Hong Kong Observatory and the Hong Kong Science Museum have jointly organized the “Global Warming and Climate Variation” Seminar Series, which included 8 public seminars cum exhibitions on climate change alarm in 2010 and 2011.  Honorable guest speakers, such as Dr. Rebecca Lee, an experienced polar explorer, were invited to share their professional knowledge and insights, so as to raise public awareness towards environmental protection and appeal for their contribution for a greener environment.


Highlights of the ”Global Warming and Climate Variation” Seminar Series cum Exhibition



Guest Speaker

10 April 2010

3:30 pm - 
5:30 pm

Global Climate Change and Hong Kong
Mr. Lam Chiu Ying, SBS



Arctic Climate Change
Dr. Rebecca Lee

5 June 2010

10:30 am – 
12:15 pm

Combat Climate Change,
Live a Low-Carbon Life

Mr. Lo Koon Ting, Lowell

Discussion Forum:

  • Mr. Lo Koon Ting, Lowell
  • Dr. Rebecca Lee
  • Dr. Lee Tsz Cheung
  • Dr. Ng Cho Nam, BBS, JP
  • Dr. William Yu

14 August 2010

2:30 pm – 
4:30 pm

Impacts of Climate Change on Land Resources
Professor Chan Lung Sang



Marine Environment in Hong Kong

Professor Ho Kin Chung

23 October 2010

2:30 pm – 
4:30 pm

The Tale of Earth House
Professor Edward Ng
      Green Art, Green Architecture

Discussion Forum:

  • Professor Edward Ng
  • Dr. Rebecca Lee
  • Dr. Lee Tsz Cheung
  • Ir. Cary Chan Wing Hong
  • Mr. Wong Kam Sing

26 February 2011

2:30 pm – 
4:30 pm

From Green Marketing to Low Carbon Customer Dr. William Yu
      How to Turn Green Technology into a Business Ir. Daniel M. Cheng, MH

5 June 2011 

2:30 pm – 
4:30 pm

Biodiversity Conservation in Hong Kong
Mr. Chan Kin Fung, Simon
      Green Architecture & Urban Ecology
Mr. Wong Kam Sing
      Human and Nature
Dr. Rebecca Lee

13 August 2011

2:30pm – 

North Pole Expeditions of Hong Kong Students
Professor Ho Kin Chung
South Pole Expeditions of Hong Kong Students
Dr. Rebecca Lee

Discussion Forum:

  • Professor Ho Kin Chung
  • Dr. Rebecca Lee
  • Students who made polar expeditions before

22 October 2011 

2:30pm – 

Impact of Climate Change on Three Poles

Professor Gao Deng Yi

Discussion Forum:

  • Professor Gao Deng Yi
  • Mr. Leung Wing Mo
  • Dr. Rebecca Lee



The Low Carbon Living @ Hong Kong Book Series

The Low Carbon Living @ Hong Kong Book Series is a project under the Combating Climate Change Campaign implemented by the Environmental Campaign Committee. The aim is to mitigate climate change through collective effort of society and to encourage the public to actively practise low carbon living through this series and other related campaigns. The series consists of four publications with themes of New Green Generation, Low Carbon Economy, Environmentally Friendly Households and Green City Life and specifically targets at youngsters, business sector, homemakers and working class.

You may find the online web version of the four publications here (in Chinese only).

(The e-book is best viewed in 1024 x 768 screen resolution or above with Internet Explorer 9.0 / Mozilla Firefox 3.6 and Adobe Flash player 10 or above.)


(in Chinese only) 

Co-authored by Mr. Chet Lam and Ms Leila Chan

In the book, Chet Lam shares with readers his low carbon living and experience in life. This book also provides data and information on imminence of climate change and aims to drive community action on nature conservation and low carbon living.
Low Carbon Living @ Hong Kong Book Series

(in Chinese only) 

Co-authored by Ms Leila Chan and Ms Grace Lau

This book features stories of people on how they practise green living and the interaction with family and friends, followed by useful green tips which everyone can easily carry out. It is an insightful work that is close to everyday life.

(in Chinese only) 

Authored by Ms Leila Chan

This book provides some practical and feasible measures that corporations can adopt to keep pace with the fast-changing business environment. This book also focuses on the emerging industries of low-carbon economy and the initiatives taken by countries around the world in combating climate change, so as to explore how corporations in Hong Kong can learn from them.

《6 ISSUE》 
(in Chinese only) 

Co-authored by Ms Leila Chan and several media workers and designers

The authors encourage readers to reduce wastage and conserve natural resources through sharing their own living wisdoms. Are we able to utilize resources in better ways? Moreover, several authors underscore the importance of green and healthy lifestyles through the perspectives of fashion, beauty, living environment and exercise.

In addition, a series of engagement activities were organized to enhance public awareness on climate change and low carbon living, including:

Renewable Energy Seminar and Upcycling Seminar Promotion banner of ”Low Carbon Living @ Hong Kong” Video Competition
Low Carbon Living @ Hong Kong Thematic Event
Low Carbon Business Forum
Low Carbon Living @ Hong Kong Video Competition
The Low Carbon Living @ Hong Kong Book Series Sharing Session

More information about the publications and the engagement activities can be found at




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