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Outstanding Promotional Partner Commendation Scheme

Be an Outstanding HKAEE Promotional Partner and Build a Greener Hong Kong Together

“Outstanding Promotional Partner Commendation Scheme” (hereafter referred to as the Commendation Scheme) aims to recognise organisations that put in great efforts to help promote the HKAEE and have successfully invited their business partners to participate in the HKAEE, so as to encourage more corporates and organisations from different business sectors in going green together!

To become "Outstanding HKAEE Promotional Partner", the organisation has to complete the following two requirements:

1. Assisting in Scheme Promotion

Disseminating HKAEE information to the public or business partners through the following channels (at least three channels):

2. Referring Business Partners or Other Companies to Participate in the 2020 HKAEE

Refer three or more companies / organisations to participate in the 2020 HKAEE. The companies / organisations referred should also complete Stage 1 assessment (to be conducted in February to March 2021). There should not be any affiliation between the organisation doing the referral and the organisations being referred. Examples include parent company and its subsidiaries or companies under the same business group, etc.


Enquiry and Application Telephone: 2788 5903

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Application Deadline 11 December 2020
  • Participating companies / organisations have to enroll into 2020 HKAEE first and successfully accomplished Stage 1 Assessment (to be conducted in February to March 2021).
    (2018 and 2019 HKAEE Gold Awardee is only required to fulfill the two requirements.)
Commendation All "Outstanding HKAEE Promotional Partners" will receive commendation certificates / trophies. Their names will also be acknowledged on the HKAEE website.  Companies / Organisations with outstanding performance may also have an opportunity to be commended at the Presentation Ceremony of HKAEE.


Last Revision Date : 24 August 2020