Commercial and Industrial (C&I) Buildings

Any C&I buildings are eligible to enroll in the Programme free of charge. Applications must be made by the property management companies, owners' incorporations, mutual aid committees or tenants' committees. Under the Programme, the definition of "C&I buildings" carries a broader meaning that covers all non-residential buildings, including the facilities and premises of institutions, non-profit-making organizations (e.g., universities, medical organizations and religious groups) and shopping malls.

  • Each commercial or industrial building can normally apply for not more than five sets of waste separation bins on the basis of one set per common accessible floor. If the number of waste separation bins applied is more than aforesaid, the applicant may need to provide more information for consideration. The application will be determined based on the information provided.
  • Upon their successful enrolment in the "Promotion Programme on Source Separation of Waste", the commercial and industrial buildings will automatically become the participants in the “Programme on Source Separation of Commercial and Industrial Waste" (SSW) launched by the Environmental Protection Department (EPD), no further application is required.
  • Participating commercial and industrial buildings are obliged to place the waste separation bins at suitable area(s) within the domain of the building to provide a waste separation facility to owners and tenants for at least three years. The waste separation bins are suggested to be placed at prominent spots near the litter bins for the convenience of tenants and the public in practising source separation of waste, as well as bringing about a stronger promotional and educational effect on waste separation and reduction in the buildings. Buildings should also observe the relevant regulations and laws of Hong Kong, including the “Fire Safety (Buildings) Ordinance” when placing the bins.
  • Buildings should also ensure the cleanliness, hygiene and maintenance of the waste separation bins granted by the ECC, and arrange periodic collection of waste for recycling with cleansing contractors or recyclers.
  • The ECC offers three-year free maintenance warranty for waste separation bins (made of metal) and one-year free maintenance warranty for outdoor waste separation bins (made of plastic) counting from the date of receipt of the recycling bins. Please note that the warranty only covers natural damage, any claims for maintenance due to improper use or misplacing the recycling bins will not be entertained. When the maintenance warranty expires, applicants should contact appropriate contractors for maintenance for minor defects or the ECC Secretariat for replacement of the waste separation bins if necessary.
  • Under any circumstances, participating commercial and industrial buildings should not abandon the waste separation bins, nor place them outside the domain of the buildings. The buildings should implement appropriate measures to prevent malicious damage of the waste separation bins. If the waste separation bins are no longer usable due to natural wear and tear, a recycler should be arranged to collect the bins for recycling in a proper way.

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For more details of waste separation programmes, please refer to the following link:
"Programme on Source Separation of Commercial and Industrial Waste"